Women's Wisdom Retreat | Mallorca, Spain: October 1-7, 2023 (2023)

The Spiritual girls trip you didn't know you needed!

Women’s Wisdom Retreat ~ October 1-7th, 2023 ~ Mallorca, Spain With Meg Sylvester & April Bullock

Join Creative Mentor, Kunalini Yogi & Author, Meg Sylvester, and Holistic Health Expert, April Bullock CPM, APRN, NP-C in Mallorca Spain for a week long immersion to nourish & activate your wellbeing at every level. Enjoy sunkissed days and candlelit evenings as we explore the wisdom held within our bodies and hearts.

This one of a kind experience, merging the healing and expansive nature of retreats, with the adventure and inspiration of mindful travel.

Come and be inspired!!

Explore the sights, sounds and tastes of the magical island of Mallorca, while journeying deeper into your creative self. Imagine gathering around a candlelit dinner table, surrounded by Spanish music with a group of open-minded, like-hearted women who also say YES to life! Together, we will savor the sunsets with a glass of bubbly in hand, laughing with open hearts and full bellies reminiscing about the sites we saw earlier that day. (and ps, that “bubbly” can be water, wine, or whatever you fancy!) This experience is all about the true art of combining mindfulness with indulgence and letting out your inner wild woman. Visualize yourself diving into the mediterranean off of a private chartered catamran, eating delicious food,daily morning movement practices, painting, writing, and nourishing each other with positive feedback. YUM!

During this experience, a container is created where we are all called to mirror back each other’s beauty and strengths, and shower each other with positive feedback. You will leave feeling so replenished from the inside out. You will discover something new about yourself, and you will be so happy you said yes!

Past attendees have called this “The Glorified Girls trip I didn’t know I needed!”

In this retreat you will experience:

  • Morning Meditations + Intention Setting
  • Daily Kundalini
  • Gateless Creative Writing
  • Transformational Breathwork Workshop
  • Hiking with Breathtaking Views & lunchbreaks in charming seaside restaurants
  • A full day of Sailing & Sun on the Mediterranean with our own captain & private boa
  • Nourishing Meals with ingredients from local markets
  • Free time to explore Mallorca + A few fun meals in town
  • Workshops on Holistic Healing, Nutrition, and Bio-Hacking
  • Creative Embodiment Activities to Ignite your Potential
  • Time to chill and bond with new friends who support your vision
  • Beach Day - we will ride the world's cutest tram to the beach!
      “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”— Anne Lamott
      (Video) Wing Chun Master vs Bullies | Wing Chun in the Street

      Your home for the week:

      Our retreat will take place in a modernistic villa centrally located to town square in the valley of oranges. Enjoy views of the Tramuntana mountain range from the patio and the town. Walk into town square to enjoy the charm of this slow village or take the historic tram to the Port de Soller. Take your morning coffee or tea on the terrace and enjoy the unique smell of orange blossoms and the sound of birds chirping. There is simply no place quite like this.

      What’s Included:


      All activities and excursions

      2 Meals Per Day

      What’s NOT included:


      Transportation to and from the retreat space

      Meals, Snacks, Drinks from local restaurants: 1 Meal per day will be taken at a local restuarant as a group

      Sample Daily Itinerary

      Coffee, Tea, Fruit

      Morning Meditation + Intention Setting

      Nourishing Breakfast

      Creativity Embodiment Practice

      Hike with Girl's Lunch in Town

      Pool Time + Relaxation

      Transformational Breathwork

      Candlelit Dinner at the Villa

      Manifestation Meditation with Dream Journaling

      Included Excursions:

      Breathtaking 6-mile hike from the house to the seaside artists' community Deià followed by snacks and drinks in Deià and a cab ride back to Soller. Featured in Vogue!

      A gentle mountain hike to the “Prettiest Town in Spain” with the option to have a delicious Paella lunch.

      A 3-mile hike over the mountain to the Port de Soller. Take a dip in the ocean and take the historic tram back to the square (participants responsible for tram fare- 11 euros)!

      Mediterranean Boat Day! Enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Mallorcan coastline from the water. Swim in crystal clear calas and soak in the sunset on the way back to port. Snacks included.

      (Video) Welcome Holy Spirit - Lyrics

      (Video) We Left The SDA Church?? | Our Truth

      Room Types:

      Shared Room, Single Rooms, Deposit. See details & pricing below. You can either register for a full ticket now or register for a deposit. If you register for a deposit we will be in touch with you via email to set up a payment plan for your remaining balance.

      Save $300 with Early Bird Pricing Avaialble through April 7th, 2023

      Shared Room:

      Regular Price: $2950 (Early Bird $2650)

      Each spacious shared room has 2 single beds with beautiful Mallorcan tile flooring, traditional Mallorcan ceiling beams and unique views.

        Single Room: $3550 (Early Bird $3150 ) (SOLD OUT)

        Queen size bed, direct access to the terrace, en suite bathroom

        Deposit: $500

        If you'd prefer, you can put down a $500 non-refundable deposit now, and then the remaining balance can be broken up into installments. Please be on the lookout for an email from meg@megsylvester.com once you have purchased your deposit, so we can discuss your payment plan.

        About Your Hosts

        Meg Sylvester

        Meg's mission is to uplift the planet by making spiritual practices accessible for modern, radical women. Meg draws from her experience as a multi-talented spiritual mentor, healer and author to powerfully advocate for body acceptance, self-love, and soulful living. She is the founder of The Lotus Collective, which is an online portal to Kundalini and meditation classes focused on authentic alignment and vibrant expression of one’s soul. Meg’s work has supported thousands of women worldwide in finding their truest voice and highest, most authentic expression, leading to lives filled with more passion, fulfillment, and creativity. Meg’s passion is serving others who wish to alchemize oppressive patriarchal narratives into expansive and liberated ways of being. She is here to catalyze “the great softening” of our world through awakening the energy of the Divine Feminine. She continuously brings her wisdom of manifestation, meditation, and soul activation to wellness publications, podcasts, and mindfulness-based events around the globe. Listen to her podcast, Manifest Miracles, and learn more at megsylvester.com

        April Bullock

        April Bullock is the owner of Family Health & Wellness Clinic, an integrative medical practice in Austin, Tx and midwife of 23 years. She has a commitment to lifelong learning and continued growth of health care knowledge. With decades of using homeopathy and herbal medicine in women’s health care, April is skilled at integrating western medicine & pharmaceuticals into health & wellness plans. In addition to her extensive healthcare knowledge she is also a dyslexia educator, holds a BA in Spanish and is a registered yoga teacher pursuing her 500 hour yoga certification. In her free time she enjoys a good adventure, a mountain hike, and cooking delicious and healthy meals for her friends and family.

        (Video) Great Men and Famous Women, Vol. 1 | Charles F. Horne | Biography & Autobiography | English | 1/7

        You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

        1) Where should I fly into? How do I get to the retreat?

        Fly into PMI Palma de Mallorca International Airport. You can take a bus or a taxi to the house in Soller. Detailed instructions will be provided.

        2) What time do I need to arrive by?

        Please arrive to the villa between 2-9pm. Please contact us if you will be arriving outside of these times.

        3) Do I need to be good at yoga to come on this retreat?

        Nope! This retreat is for all levels, including beginners. That goes for meditation too! If you are feeling the call, please come. YOU ARE WELCOME AS YOU ARE!

        4) How many people will be there? Is it okay if I don't know anyone else going?

        There will be a max of 8 attendees, plus Meg and April. Regardless if you come solo or with a friend, you will leave with new friends who see you for who you are - a radiant, magnetic goddess! You will be so taken care of, we've got you!

        5) Will there be drinking on this experience? What if I am sober?

        This experience is all about mindfullness and experiencing the art and culture of Spain. If a glass of wine calls to you, then have at! If you are sober or chose not to have a beverage, more power to you! If wine is being had, we will make sure the energy of the group remains high vibe and uplifting. You are safe, seen and honored!

        6) There's been a lot said about creativity. What if I feel like I don't have a creative bone in my body!

        Great! We can't wait to show you otherwise! You are going to be so delighted with the treaures you find within yourself. Absolutely no experience is required in any sort of creative modality. We are all here to learn and experience the beginner's mind together!

        7) How intense are the hikes?

        Hikes range from moderate to intense. If there is ever a day when you feel like opting out of a hike, no problem! You and either Meg or April will catch a taxi or tram to meet the rest of the participants at trails end so we can all enjoy the views together!

        8) What if I still have questions?

        Please email Meg at Meg@MegSylvester.com with any additional questions. We are happy to help!

        Final Note from Meg & April

        We are so very excited and honored to share this week of health and renewal with you all and look forward to cultivating deep connections with new friends. We can't wait to welcome you!!!

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