Logistics Salary in United Arab Emirates (2023)

Logistics Salary in United Arab Emirates (1)

AED 79k

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Currency: AED

Updated: Mar 08 2023

Individuals Reporting: 511

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Related Skills by Salary

Skills in the same category as Logistics, ranked by salary

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Avg. Salary: AED 42,000

Business to Business (B2B) Sales

Avg. Salary: AED 132,546

Job Control Language (JCL)

Avg. Salary: AED 42,000

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Avg. Salary: AED 48,834

Oracle 12i

Avg. Salary: AED 54,000

Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

Avg. Salary: AED 60,000

Portuguese Language

Avg. Salary: AED 60,000

SAP Logistics Execution System (SAP LES)

Avg. Salary: AED 62,400

Microsoft Visio

Avg. Salary: AED 78,000


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Avg. Salary: AED 102,000

Codre Teamwork

Avg. Salary: AED 42,000

Lean Manufacturing

Avg. Salary: AED 117,819

iPhone SDK

Avg. Salary: AED 117,916

Citrix XenServer

Avg. Salary: AED 120,000

Desktop Specialist

Avg. Salary: AED 120,000

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Avg. Salary: AED 130,061

Allied Health

Avg. Salary: AED 132,000


Avg. Salary: AED 132,000


Avg. Salary: AED 132,000

Epic Health Information Management System

Avg. Salary: AED 108,000

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